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Default Re: How about a solo Avengers franchise?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
As a fanboy, I'd definitely like to see benchwarmer Avengers get their shot at some solo love, sure; but realistically, there's no reason to separate Avengers for a showcase project when they were primarily known as members of the team.

In other words, characters like Vision, Hawkeye, Hank Pym, Wasp, Wanda & Pietro, Ms. Marvel and others owe almost the entirety of their comic-book fame to being members of the Avenger franchise, *not* due to any low-sales extraneous mini-series, one-shots, or "Amazing Mystery Tales to Astonish Two-In-One" anthologies. So in all respects, these characters should likewise be introduced within the Avengers movie franchise itself.
I honestly think there's too much going on in an Avengers movie to introduce a super powered hero properly. There's a reason origin stories take 30 minutes, and an Avengers film doesn't have that 30 minutes to spare. I think it'd work for non-powered characters like Swordsman or whatever, and possibly, if the movie revolved around the character introduced, like they could do Pym if the villain was Ultron, or Ms. Marvel if the villain was the Kree, but a superhero origin is waaay too much to 'squeeze in' like they did the re-introductions of the heroes we've seen before and the non-powered agents. As much as the Avengers made them famous, there's a reason they weren't introduced in Avengers comics.

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