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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post
Thanks and hehehe

IRON MAN: Government puppet.
IRON PATRIOT: Says the guy who looks like the Transformer version of a board of directors table.
IRON MAN: Go to hell.

HERCULES: "Like Hell Captain America was the First Avenger! I was 'avenging' injustice before his ancestors were even born! Show some respect!"

CAP: "That is an extremely angry man."
TONY: "Watch out, he likes to kick people in the nuts."

IRON MAN: "Hi, I'm a Caffeine Free Coke-"
IRON PATRIOT: "And I'm a Pepsi."
IRON MAN: "Open us up and enjoy us all day."
IRON MAN: "That came out wrong."
IRON PATRIOT: "To say the least."

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

Long Live TCM
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