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Default Re: How should they handle Wolverine in this movie? (if he had to be in it..)

wolverine Is most popular X-Man and Hugh Jackman Is Robert Downey JR of X-Men films.
With the third hobbit film opening the same days as DOFP they need all the big guns.
Just because of the disappointment of The Last Stand that doesn't mean they should
leave out WOlverine In the biggest film in Franchise.

If Jackman agrees I see no reason why they wouldn't go with Wolverine as Time Traveler.Since Wolverine Is around In first Class era they can go with the excahnging minds between future and past selves If they want from original comic.Plus seeing
him with other X-Men/X2 cast members and also interacting with james Mcavoy,Michael
Fassbender,and Jennifer Lawrence would be event.

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