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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Again, a gentle reminder:


Look, just a day or two before the Chit(auri) hit the fan, Captain America made his debut to the whole freakin' world at Stuttgart. "Breaking news from Stuttgart, Germany: a bizarre scene unfolded tonight at a museum gala as a strange figure with apparent metahuman powers murdered a guest and forced the rest of the sizable crowd to kneel and accept his reign over the Earth. The apparently demented individual, claiming to be the Norse god Loki, was quickly apprehended --- but not by local authorities. A SHIELD Quinjet opened fire on the suspect, and, to everyone's surprise, a figure dressed as WWII legend Captain America tried to take the metahuman individual in. He was assisted by none other than Iron Man himself, who dropped in unannounced. Further details on this breaking story as it unfolds."
i think shield can actually control media even social media to some extent. i expect even quinjets are only rumoured to exist. they had access to emails in TIH for example. so they could keep news under wraps about somethings. the news and waitress knew about cap at the end tho, so the current state of cap awareness is known. another example is that stark didn't know about shield in IM. so they have been successfully secretive about various things.

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