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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

I'm still pulling for Poots.
Well she's the only one that made it through from the last round of rumours. I'm happy with any of them I think. It's a little strange they won't just go ahead and confirm Sharon Carter though, it's not like Cap has many big name Love Interests and it certainly makes sense thematically with what we know of the movie so far.

Wait, this is for the same role as before? I thought it was a new female role.
It's possible although with ScarJo most likely confirmed its more likely they'll go with her and Assumedtobe!Sharon.

Maybe Kendrick was too expensive or didn't want to sign the traditional Marvel huge picture deal? All the actresses currently rumoured are a couple of rungs or so down the Hollywood ladder than she is.

It's also slightly possible they're still negotiating with her, in the same way they auditioned every guy in his 20s for Cap but kept on trying to get Evans.

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