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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Third time in IMAX occurred to me that perhaps Bruce isn't necessarily giving Blake the costume (though I guess one copy is still intact once he fixes the Talia stab hole...), but his detective technology. Blake has proven himself a pretty good detective despite not having Batman's resources (and not being a civil engineer ) and Batman made it a point to have him rescue people instead of beating up bad guys. Even in a pinch, Batman/Bruce will choose to rescue people instead of getting the bad guy, as we saw in TDK as well as TDKR. So. Batman is meant to be a symbol of hope, and Bruce probably hopes for Blake to adopt the detective role and helping Gotham that way, more than the "beating up bad guys and making himself vulnerable to violence" role. At the very least, he expects Blake to be better at sticking to his morals instead of going all paranoid cell phone spying on everyone in Gotham.

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