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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

oh, danny elfman, no question about it. absolutly perfect. i dont think i can add to anything that hasnt already been said, hes one of the best alltime film composers alive, right up there with john williams and jerry goldsmith. his scores are so unqique and darkly twisted, and beautiful at the same time. im obsessed with his score for Batman Returns. its so damn perfect.

2nd place is elliot goldenthal cuz he brought great fun and zany quality to batman. defiently underrated on here. i own the Forever score and its just awsome. not deep and dark like elfman, but it has its moments of pure comic book movie magic that i appreciate. batdammerung is AWSOME. i liked his robin theme for B&R as well, and some of the powerful choral tracks for mr freeze for surprisingly powerful.

hans zimmer.....i really dont think he should even be on the poll. he didnt even make a proper "score." it was just a bunch hum drum sound effects and the same repetitve noises and sounds over and over. just sucks. alot of movie scores do this today. so boring. and james newton howard....again, nothing special. blandass score. i guess its alright since nolans batman iswqhat i consider "the boring bat". so i guess a drab score seems fitting.

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