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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

The hell with a TV series,, just not the same... It will get a sequel I bet, some movies just go under the radar for whatever reasons...

Once this bad boy hits DVD and people take a chance to rent or buy,, I know they will be like "why the hell did I not hear about this movie"?

Happened to me with Equilibrium, I saw it on cable one day and just could not believe I've never heard about it,, the movie just breezed thru the theater circut... It got a cult following, did awesome on DVD. Long story short it allowed the director to make another movie ultraviolet....ummm but ultraviolet is another story.

Moral of the story is DVD can make all the difference... Just look at "The Raid" see what i did there. lol

All we can do is hope for the "D-motherfockin-D" to do well

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