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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
This may be a feeble example, since it's waay back, but the first Highlander also flopped in its theatrical release, but because the home video was a hit, it got a sequel. Could such a thing happen to Dredd?
The market is a bit different these days. Aside from piracy, where direct dvd/blu-ray rips are available online as soon (if not before) they hit the shops, you also have satellite/cable showing the films not long after that to rent, or they are aired on their own movie channels soon after as well.

Back in the 80's you either saw a film in the theatre, bought or borrowed an (almost always) terrible cam copy, or rented /bought the Video when it came out (which generally took a fair bit longer than the current few months). Getting aired on TV (or Cable) would usually come quite some time after that (could take a good few years for a major film to hit terrestrial tv).

That being said there still is enough money from the DVD/Blu-Ray market to help a theatrical flop get a sequel (especially if the critics liked it), but it remains to be seen if the punters passing on seeing this in the theatres will bother much later on either.

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