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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Honestly... the only Ultron story I've read was the one in Runaways. Watching him on EMH doesn't give me any ideas either. You could always do him like a typical AI villain wanting to upgrade humanity or some such, but I wasn't clear how much of that had actually been used with him in the past.

Thinking about that, he could actually create the Life Model Decoys without it being a joke. Going further, he could be as powerful as he is (Adamantium Shell, Encephalo-Beams or whatever) because he feels he can more efficiently defend the planet than the Avengers. That'd be a nice twist for a robot villain.
His whole arc centers around two characters who have the incredibly unlikeable power of shrinking. He's a great villain (albeit a bit one note), but I have doubts that Ant-Man can break 100 M domestic. The power isn't marketable at all. Why would you center an Avengers film around such an unmarketable character in Ant-Man, just to keep to comic book Canon? Make Stark and Banner his co-creator, so he at least ties into characters who Avengers 1 viewers will care about.

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