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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
When did this become a discussion about fan polls and what the fanboys talk about wanting next? Who gives a ****? 98% of what fans suggest for these superhero films is disturbingly terrible.

People like Loki. People are interested in seeing more of Loki. Loki recurring does not detract from the franchise, it enhances it. No one cares if people "rank" him below Magneto or Darth Vader. Honestly.
Outside of Tumblr, who's asking to see more of Loki? I love Hiddie and all that, but again, outside of the slashfic fangrrl circles, all I see in the forums and comments sections and blogosphere of the World Wide Internetz is guys saying "enough." Especially with Thor 2 commentary.

Hey look, I'm genuinely weary of this argument that keeps coming up again and again with you guys. It all comes back to you guys thinking that the best strategy for Marvel Studios is trilogy 'n' reboot, because it seems to be working *so* well for Warners and Sony and Fox...

You guys believe what you want, and welcome to it. As for me, I'll take Jim Starlin's word for it that Thanos is in GOTG and TA2, but nothing else. He's in a position to know this; you guys aren't.


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