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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy

Each film deals with deus ex machina narrative trope in interesting ways. This is something that's appeared in countless movies, specifically blockbuster and even more specifically superhero blockbusters. But this trilogy manages to make it it's own.

In Begins Ra's attacks the city using the monorail and microwave emitter, two things made by Wayne Enterprises and the former something that Thomas Wayne personally worked on. In this way Ra's, himself a corrupted father-figure, uses Bruce's father's work to destroy Gotham.

In Knight the trope is subverted by the hero having the giant machine and using it in ethically questionable ways to catch the bad guy. Considering Batman is made into the city's villain by the end of the movie this is some clever sub-textual foreshadowing.

Like most things in the film, Rises combines the previous two's ideas with the fusion reactor. Here we have a costly device that Bruce personally invested in to better the city like his father with the monorail, but unfortunately also like his father it is used for evil by Bane, a twisted bastard son to Ra's and sibling to Bruce. In the end Batman uses the machine in a sacrificial way to both save the city and cement himself as its hero.

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