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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
An opening night theater packed with Batman and Nolan fans, no doubt. Hardly representative of the wider moviegoing public. Go see TDKR at a dollar theater about 6 months from now and see how many cheers they get. Also thanks for the spoilers.

And Loki's not dominating any polls because he's a great villain, he's doing it because the ladies are obsessed with Tom Hiddleston.
So, the millions of people in theatres opening night are less representative of the general public than six guys in an old theatre who have seen the movie three times already? That's a bit obtuse. The TDK franchise isn't breaking records with Batman/Nolan fans, it's breaking records because the whole general public goes to see them opening night/day. I could see if you said that opening weekend saturday night would be better representative of the general public, but generally, crowd reactions are the same, because the same thirty million people watching this one are the same thirty million people who saw the previous film in the franchise. Being a Batman or Nolan fan doesn't make Scarecrow important, watching Batman Begins does, something millions and millions of general moviegoers have done. Sorry about the spoilers.

You can make up whatever reason you want to to explain why Loki's dominating in the polls, the end result is: the idea that people only go to see the heroes is absolute balderdash.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Outside of Tumblr, who's asking to see more of Loki? I love Hiddie and all that, but again, outside of the slashfic fangrrl circles, all I see in the forums and comments sections and blogosphere of the World Wide Internetz is guys saying "enough." Especially with Thor 2 commentary.

Hey look, I'm genuinely weary of this argument that keeps coming up again and again with you guys. It all comes back to you guys thinking that the best strategy for Marvel Studios is trilogy 'n' reboot, because it seems to be working *so* well for Warners and Sony and Fox...

You guys believe what you want, and welcome to it. As for me, I'll take Jim Starlin's word for it that Thanos is in GOTG and TA2, but nothing else. He's in a position to know this; you guys aren't.
This again!??! How do you know what we're thinking? Telepathy!?!?!

Starlin isn't a Marvel Studios executive, he's definitely not in a position to know of Marvel Studios' plans, but hey, link the quote anyway, 'd love to see it.

On the issue you keep skirting, let's pretend no one's asking to see Loki again. They didn't ask for Magneto again, after all. My question is still: When has a great villain returning ever been a turn off? Ever? When has what you say would happen with Thanos ever, ever happened?

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