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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
You can make up whatever reason you want to to explain why Loki's dominating in the polls, the end result is: the idea that people only go to see the heroes is absolute balderdash.
Which polls is he "dominating" in? Aside from anything on Tumblr and anything inside your own head, can you link any polls that list Loki as a fan favorite villain?

This again!??! How do you know what we're thinking? Telepathy!?!?!

Starlin isn't a Marvel Studios executive, he's definitely not in a position to know of Marvel Studios' plans, but hey, link the quote anyway, 'd love to see it.
Sure. It's been all over the internetz, including right here at good ol' SHH, but since you're out of the loop:

Starlin was miffed when he saw Thanos in TA1, and pretty much threatened legal action against Marvel for using his character without consulting him first. So they had a tete-a-tete with him this summer, and at Montreal, Starlin's feathers were unruffled and he told fans there that Marvel had told him Thanos would be in TA2 and GOTG.

On the issue you keep skirting, let's pretend no one's asking to see Loki again. They didn't ask for Magneto again, after all. My question is still: When has a great villain returning ever been a turn off? Ever? When has what you say would happen with Thanos ever, ever happened?
And I ask you again: when did Thanos turn into a great villain? At this point, Thanos is known only to a handful of us geeks who frequent comic shops and very, very, very little else. (There was a line on one blog recently that was pretty good, that went something like: "There was that post-credit scene in Avengers, when all the fans in the audience started cheering and pretending that they knew who the big purple guy was.") You have NO inkling that general audiences are going to embrace Thanos yet, let alone turn him into a "great villain." For all we know, audiences might get sick of him after five *minutes,* let alone five freakin' movies, like some of you are proposing.


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