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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Why does this discussion keep veering back to internet polls? Who cares about the internet polls? It's pretty safe to say internet polls are indicative of exactly nothing

People like Loki as a character. I'm not referring to internet polls here- people, in general, like Loki as a character. i could not care less what's being said on tumblr or in the comments at AICN or CBM. They are indicative of exactly nothing. People speak with their money, and the big box office increase Thor 2 will get over Thor 1 is going to say it all next year - people who didn't even know who Thor and Loki were a year and a half ago really liked how both were portrayed.

And that's what it comes down to. People - general audience members, not the fans who vote on CBM polls - don't know who the majority of these characters are until they're exposed to them. Joker didn't become "iconic" until he was featured in the 60s show. Lex Luthor didn't become "iconic" until he was featured in the Reeve movies. Venom didn't become well-known until he was featured in the 90's Spidey show, and he still is only popular with the kids who grew up on that show. Magneto didn't become "iconic" until he was featured in the 90's cartoon and the X-Men movies. And Loki didn't become "iconic" until about 5 months ago.

So, yes, Thanos is not currently a popular character. He has not been given the multimedia push the above have. He is about to. if he is portrayed properly - and I have no reason to think he won't be - then yes, he will become a popular character. He's already a great one, in my opinion. He just needed the exposure he's about to receive to really break out.

And I'm not arguing that he will be in Avengers 3. I have no more an idea what Marvel is going to do than anyone else. On my end this discussion has always been about whether or not he could be in Avengers 3. Because people keep going on about how he's "not a top 3 Avengers villain in the comics!" or how he's not currently a mainstream character or how he's not complex. All of the above is nonsense, and means nothing in terms of adapting the comics. All that matters is how James Gunn and Joss Whedon write him, and how the actor portrays him. If it's well done, people will like the character. If it's not, they won't. How fans on the internet "rank!" him is irrelevant.

Also, Starlin saying that Thanos will be in GotG and TA2 doesn't mean he won't be in anything else. Not sure why someone would read that into his statement.

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