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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Saw "Frankenweenie" this afternoon. Though it wasn't a masterpiece I thought it was pretty good. Way better than Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" and "Dark Shadows" that's for sure. Being in B&W and filmed in stop motion didn't take away from it either. It made it more unique than the usual CG animated films released today. I just wish some of the characters were more fleshed out mainly Victor's classmates and the Van Helsings. They seem like interesting characters, but underdeveloped. Also the third act felt a little rushed. It also lacked more satisfying ending, imo. I think it would've added more closure showing how the aftermath of Sparky and the other undead pets impacted the town and it's people. There wasn't a clear message (other than the obvious)it was trying make. I enjoyed the movie but again I think it lacks something that Burton's best films have. I just can't put my finger on what it is though.

I enjoyed Elfman's score in the film. It added a lot of heart to it. Haters are going to dislike it b/c the score is typical for a Burton film. It has all the ingredients, which isn't a bad thing, imo. I thought it worked. It lets everybody know that this is a "Tim Burton" movie. Sparky's theme is a very touching and warm theme even. He doesn't turn the theme dark and scary once it comes back to life. It's in the vain of his Charlie theme (from C&TCF), Lewis' theme (from Meet the Robinsons), some of the lush moments in Edward Scissorhands ,Big Fish, and Charlotte's Web (2006). You can hear various styles from different scores of Burton's films in it. It isn't a bad thing b/c again it's Elfman's specific sound for Burton. And this film is very typical of Burton everything to the animation and story. I don't think the score is a rehash of his other scores like the way Meet the Robinsons felt, imo. He's just exploring and expanding more ideas in a style he's familiar with. I like what I heard and after I left the theater I went to Best Buy and purchased the score album.

So I enjoyed the film and can't wait to listen to the cd.

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