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Default End the MCU with the most of the same actors still present or continue with new ones?

I wasn't sure on where I should put this, so I thought it could be in this thread for now.

Given on how everyone's contract that's been involved in the MCU films will be expired by the time Avengers 3 and their own solo third films hit the screens, I've always wondered:

Should the MCU continue going but with recasting their characters and not have a endpoint like franchises such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, and The Dark Knight have had?

Would everyone be willing to accept Marvel Studios continue to make more films within the MCU and move on with the characters that will have been well established by the time phase three hits with having new actors replace them for a Phase 4?

I've often said on how I worry that the quality of the MCU may risk deteriorating in the same way that the X-Men Franchise and many other franchises have suffered whenever the studio kept pushing for more films in hopes of making more money as opposed to caring about the quality of their films.

Also, I wonder at times on how the GA will react, let alone on how it'll affect the BO, when every major character that's been established for three phases are replaced due to their contracts being over.

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