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Default Re: The Official Christopher Reeve as Superman Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
Is it just me or does the Superman from The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians cartoon look like Christopher Reeve?
Well Reeve just looked like Superman so obviously there will be quite a few incarnations of the characters that he will resemble.

Anyway, nice topic, even though Reeve doesn't really need an ┬┤┬┤appreciation`` he's already appreciated by all! I hope.

But I will say this, as much as I love him as Superman, I am not a big fan of putting him on a pedestal that supposedly nobody can reach.

There are many great version of Superman in the 75 years of history, from many great artists. Many of them are equally great but different. Like I love - among others - Curt Swan's (mid-to late Silver and Bronze age Swan) Superman, Jim Lee's Superman in For Tomorrow and Alex Ross Superman. They are all different visually (aside from the basics) and they all exhume different personality traits, because that's what a great artist does, breaths life into the drawing. Swan's Superman is more jovial, Ross's is more introspective and Lee's more intense, to put it very basically.

So my point? Well, the same can apply to the movies. Christopher Reeve was awesome in HIS version of Superman, and nobody could put on THAT suit and do what he did any better. But there is room (A LOT of room) on the throne for more than just Reeve. So I just hope that Cavill and whoever succeeds won't get unfairly compared to the late, great Reeve, but be judged on their own merits.

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