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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
So suddenly Phase III films aren't in development yet....? Is that the new tack for the Trilogy N Reboot Mob now --- the MCU is going to end with Phase II in 2015? Marvel Studios suddenly has no plans for 2016 and beyond? Nice grasping at straws, guys. (P.S.: how will you guys get your "trilogy" if there's no Phase III....?)

Yes, Jaqua, yes, I have. Several times. *You* choose to read Feige's comment as "Thanos is carrying over from Phase 2 to Phase 3." His quote, however, doesn't mention Thanos at all....he says that the seeds of Phase III (wait, what...? I thought that didn't exist....) will be planted in Phase II. My interpretation, again, is a very simple read of that statement: we'll see hints at the NEW Phase III villain(s) in our Phase II movies. In other words, seeds that hint at, say, Ultron or Kang or MOE or Kree-Skrull or Hypno-Hustler or Paste-Pot Pete. Cappice?
(since I don't know how to break down one post into two quotes, i will refer to them as 1 and 2 :P)

1. Are you serious? They have plans, but they aren't, shall we say, "in development" like A2 and guardians are

2. Yes. True, however, the interview was about Thanos, and the sentence prior was about Thanos. He was primarily talking about Thanos, so it would be a fair guess, given the content of his interview that he was talking about Thanos. Secondly, remember that whole, mcu big cinematic event for 2017 or 2018? I will still say that will be an infinity gauntlet movie. I mean, the IG hasn't even been addressed yet, in my opinion, having Thanos just get it, without too much of a history on it, for it to develop (outside of GoTG) would feel almost sort of anti climatic. And with the infinity gauntlet being a big story, and with Thanos being introduced into phase 2, and with a big event planned for phase 3, I would be totally inclined to believe that they have plans for thanos for a while.

And I mean this in the nicest, most humorous friendliest way possible....everyone vs Sam, what a surprise lmao

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post

Do you understand the difference between a film that's in active development and one that's just planned? Ie one for which a studio is currently exercising options and spending money prepping, and one for which they are not?

Sure. Do you think Starlin, at some arbitrary convention, would say "Hey guys Marvel told me Thanos might be in Avengers 3 if everything goes according to their plan!"?
I'm with ya. Phase 3 is simply to far away. And wouldn't you think that Starlin wouldn't have to technically sign off yet on a film that has not been developed? My idea is that Thanos will not just be a villain in the MCU, but a reoccurring character until his climax

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