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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post

Do you understand the difference between a film that's in active development and one that's just planned? Ie one for which a studio is currently exercising options and spending money prepping, and one for which they are not?

Sure. Do you think Starlin, at some arbitrary convention, would say "Hey guys Marvel told me Thanos might be in Avengers 3 if everything goes according to their plan!"?
Why not? At some arbitrary convention, he *did* say "Hey guys, Marvel told me Thanos will be in Avengers 2 and GOTG." (Pretty sure Marvel wasn't happy about that, either.)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
(since I don't know how to break down one post into two quotes, i will refer to them as 1 and 2 :P)

1. Are you serious? They have plans, but they aren't, shall we say, "in development" like A2 and guardians are're the one who's been lobbying loudest for a trilogy with Thanos being the Big Boss in TA3, Infinity Gauntlet and all that. Are you saying now that Marvel might not be developing this as a single story arc (read: trilogy) after all....? Because you're now saying they don't know how TA3/Phase III will end and haven't storyboarded your Thanos/IG plot yet. It would be like Lucas planning out ESB and not having a clue where the story is going after Bespin. Doesn't sound like a well-planned out "trilogy" after all, now, does it?

2. Yes. True, however, the interview was about Thanos, and the sentence prior was about Thanos. He was primarily talking about Thanos, so it would be a fair guess, given the content of his interview that he was talking about Thanos.
Or, it would be a fair guess that he was saying that Phase II movies would hint at the next threat the Avengers face in Phase III. Since, you know, that's exactly what he said.


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