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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Control room of The Agency

A pendulum swings, leaving a gentle tick, counting off the waning seconds until the Vigilante is supposed to call back in.

“Sir” starts Alberts, “he should call in within the next 3 minutes with a sitrep.”

“Then he gets three minutes.” The Director responded with a blank expression, doing his best to hide signs of concern. “We’re not going to short-change a field agent who puts his life on the line.”

“Shouldn’t he at least have called in to let us know he’s still alive? He’s playing very tight with time…” Alberts probes.

“He said 15, he gets fifteen. He’s on a stealth mission, he probably can’t call in because he’s holed himself up somewhere in a secure location and doesn’t want to risk giving away his position by making the slightest noise calling in before time.”

Ignorant to all, the pendulum swings.

* * * * *

Moloka’i, Hawaii – A cliff face

“F***! F***ing c*ck-sucker son of a b**** f***ing F***!” The Vigilante exclaims, dangling over the precipice.

“…ch f***ing F***!” the cliff’s echo replies.

The man in black swings back and forth, arms waving frantically at the cliff’s edge.

“Do you need us to pull you in?” Haliaka asked.

“No. Stay there. The last thing we need is for you to get bitten now by a straggler when I’m trying to swing back. Stay in the tree.”

The Vigilante makes a large arcing swoop at the crag on top. And frantically scrambles for a grip, coming up short again.

“Dammit! Right, Screw this!”

He swings back out again and holds his hand over the gun, muttering something to himself.

Well before the top of his return swing he hits a button on the grapple gun and the line is cut, sending him hurtling into the cliff face. The five in the tree gasp as the man in black disappeared from sight.

Interminable seconds passed and a low moan rolls towards the five hiding in the tree. All muttering stops, replaced with silent prayers.

<“He had all of the guns!”> hisses Uleki in native tongue.

Haliaka shushes him, but it is too late.

The groaning grew louder, until footsteps are heard. Steps growing more pronounced as they hear the crunching of broken twigs and other debris fallen from their tree-haven go under a fetid foot. Then a hand comes into view, grabbing high up the tree trunk. Kanani can no longer hold her fear and lets out a shriek. This only spurs the ghoul on further, it’s groan growing louder and more determined. It won’t be long and this one zombie will attract the attention of the others, and they will swarm this tree and take them through sheer weight of numbers. Already they can hear the groans of this one zombie leading to the grunts and growls of the others.

Moans and groans come from this hungry deadwalker beneath them, enciting more growls and grumbles and profanity from the others, unseen…



The unsilenced Beretta fires two shots into the tree trunk, one into the zombie’s torso… it shrugs off with complete disdain and a fourth which pierces and bursts it’s decaying skull. The man in black slumps over exhausted, his legs still dangling over the cliff with a disturbingly morbid sound echoing from his voice modulator as he gasps and gulps in deep breaths of air.

“Goddammit… Can’t leave… you bastards… alone... to take one zombie… by yourselves… for two… goddamn minutes…”


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