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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I do agree TDK is the best, but I think TDKR is by far the worst of the trilogy. Bane's plan and motives don't work for me, Cottiard was dull and pointless mostly. Hathaway was fantastic but we needed to see more of her. Gordon, Alfred, and Batman didn't get enough screen time, while Blake got too much.
As for screen time:

Batman - tdkr is bruce's story so....

Blake - if he got lesser screen time, there would have been backlash that fewer screen time means he didn't deserve to follow on bruce. since tdkr took things back to bb with the whole symbol thing it's just right that blake got 2nd or 3rd most screen time after bruce or bane.

Alfred - he's been suffering since bruce returned to gotham. when bruce wanted to return as batman to fight bane it was basically it. he broke. he couldn't take it anymore and the only thing he could do to make bruce realize was to leave. he served his purpose in the first act of the movie.

Gordon - i don't have any problems with gordon's screen time and characterization.

Hathaway - how would you give her more screen time, though? nolan only hinted a developing interest so her ending with bruce was satisfactory because she got what she want, a new life.

Bane and Talia - what do you think was bane's motive? because mine might be different. perhaps yours is love for the innocent but mine is the same as talia. he wanted to destroy gotham because bruce killed ra's.

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