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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by comics View Post
As for screen time:

Batman - tdkr is bruce's story so....
Yeah so? Does that mean his alter ego should be neglected? It was factually timed. TDKR has the least amount of Batman screen time of the trilogy. These are BATMAN movies last time I checked.

Blake - if he got lesser screen time, there would have been backlash that fewer screen time means he didn't deserve to follow on bruce. since tdkr took things back to bb with the whole symbol thing it's just right that blake got 2nd or 3rd most screen time after bruce or bane.
But that's just it, he didn't get 2nd or 3rd most screen time. His screen time is on par with Bruce's and definitely more than Bane's.

Furthermore his length of screen time is spent on a lot of boring rubbish like the orphans scenes, his ridiculous revelation of how he figured out Bruce was Batman, always morally preaching etc. Quality over quantity. Heath's Joker has less screen time than Batman, Gordon and Dent in TDK, yet he feels like a dominating presence because his screen time is used so effectively.

Blake's feels like a dominating presence because he literally is always there.

Alfred - he's been suffering since bruce returned to gotham.
Really? Explain where he was suffering in Begins and TDK.

]when bruce wanted to return as batman to fight bane it was basically it. he broke. he couldn't take it anymore and the only thing he could do to make bruce realize was to leave. he served his purpose in the first act of the movie.
No, that's not true at all. Alfred supported Bruce's quest as Batman in Begins and TDK. Even telling him he has to push on and endure in TDK when Bruce was the one losing faith in Batman.

Alfred's problem in TDKR was that Bruce was past his prime and was not the Batman he was 8 years ago.

Gordon - i don't have any problems with gordon's screen time and characterization.
Good for you. I do. I don't find a Gordon who spends half the movie in a hospital bed, and then running around chasing a bomb very interesting compared to the meaty roles he had in the first two movies. The best scenes Gordon had in TDKR were the ones where he was suffering guilt over the Dent cover up.

Hathaway - how would you give her more screen time, though?
By cutting down Blake's screen time, getting rid of useless dull characters like Foley, and using that screen time to develop Selina.

nolan only hinted a developing interest so her ending with bruce was satisfactory because she got what she want, a new life.
It was satisfactory for you, not for me. They barely scratched the surface of what they could have done with Selina.

Bane and Talia - what do you think was bane's motive? because mine might be different. perhaps yours is love for the innocent but mine is the same as talia. he wanted to destroy gotham because bruce killed ra's.
Bane came to Gotham during peace time, meaning when the city was in such a crime free state that they were going to retire Gordon. The LOS in Begins wanted to destroy Gotham when it was in a hopeless crime ridden state. If they had discovered the Dent cover up BEFORE they came to Gotham, then it would have made sense because they'd know this peace time was all based on a lie and a fraud. But they didn't. So what the hell were they doing here trying to kill a peaceful crime free city?

Why did Bane want to fulfill Ra's destiny? Ra's hated him and kicked him out of the LOS. Who would want to complete the work of someone like that? It's never elaborated on, but is strongly hinted he's just doing it because Talia wants it.

As for Talia, Miranda Tate was a boring dull character, very under used, who had no chemistry with Bale, and their sex scene came out of left field and felt unnatural and unconvincing. When she's revealed as Talia, she explains who she is, hops in Tumbler, and then gets one of the worst death scenes I've ever seen.


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