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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Your first sentence makes absolutely no sense grammatically, so I'm not sure if you're arguing with me or agreeing with me. But I'll put it to you again: if they *plan* to use Thanos in Phase III, why the hell would they tell Starlin that they *plan* to use one of his most beloved creations in two Phase II movies, but not tell him that they *plan* to use him to wrap up this mythical "trilogy" of yours in Phase III....? That would be pretty damn deceptive of them, no?

Starlin: "So, you *plan* to use my Thanos in GOTG and Avengers other movies?"
Marvel: ""
Starlin: "....You sure? 'Cause you don't sound so sure."
Marvel: "Trust us. Have we ever lied to you? "
My first sentence boils down to: Why wouldn't they tell him to keep quiet about Phase III? Is that better grammatically?

It's only deceptive if Starlin asks a direct question and they give him a direct answer, something that only happens in your mythical conversation.

There's nothing in that quote that says anything about "we *plan* to use Thanos for Phase Three." In fact, everything Feige says there indicates he's not even sure how much Thanos they *plan* to use: "depending on what the role requires from future movies, we'll go from there."

So if they don't have a clear *plan* for Thanos beyond two movies, then it's pretty clear they don't have a *plan* for a trilogy or a great big IG fireworks finale in Phase Three. Right?

I'm not saying that Thanos *won't* take off and become a huge hit with the masses. I'm not saying that a hugely popular Thanos would require MS to rethink their plans and choose *later* to reuse him in Phase Three. What I'm saying is there's absolutely no proof or hint that they *plan* to use Thanos as a recurring archnemesis for the Avengers in a pre-designed trilogy or series that has a definite ending for the franchise in mind. Do you not see that at all....?
Definite Ending?
Retracting the 'people will get tired of Thanos' madness.
Which was the whole point of this line of thought for me.

Edit: The rest was unnecesary

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