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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

OK here's my list:

Characters I'd like to see by Avengers 3:

Wasp - C'mon Wright get off your lazy ass n make it happen!

Falcon -Pretty much a given at this point.
Ms. Marvel -I think the S.H.I.E.L.D. show is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on this
Black Panther -In my opinion I think Panther is a must.

Now characters I wouldn't mind see go:

Hulk -hey, he was never around much anyways.
Black Widow -she's cool, but I wouldn't be sad if she went somewhere else.
Nick Fury -If Whedon killed anyone, I'd want it to be Fury, only to find out he faked
his own death for one super-spy reason or another.

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