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Default Re: Funcom tops Oslo stock exchange, invests heavily in The Secret World

Former Secret World lead dev: Successful games need to be 'a bit more commercial'

(2 hours ago)
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Penny Arcade has published a lengthy interview with former Funcom designer Martin Bruusgaard. Bruusgaard was a casualty of The Secret World's post-launch layoffs despite being credited as the game's lead designer.

He speaks to the challenges inherent in TSW's release window as well as his belief that Funcom's desire to make a unique game kept it from being an instant commercial success. "It's a shame to say, but I think [there are] very, very few cases where you can sit down and make the game that you really want to do, and it turns out to be a success," Bruusgaard says. "Unfortunately I think that in order to be a success in today's market, you need to make the game a bit more commercial."

The interview also touches on Funcom's position at the forefront of gaming technology. Despite its recent troubles, the company is "really, really pushing the limits and pushing the boundaries on how to make software," Bruusgaard says.

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