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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
The comic book adaptation fills in the blank showing Jokers goons in the back walking into the cathedral when Jokers with Vicky outside.
The comic adaption is different to the movie in so many ways. In that scene alone in it Joker doesn't make Vicki slip with the trick fake hand, Batman and Vicki climb up to the safety of the ledge while Joker is escaping on the helicopter ladder, the stone gargoyle attached to Joker's leg shatters the ledge when he falls off the ladder causing Batman and Vicki to fall, too.

I don't think the comic book adaptions are canon with the movie. Too many differences. That's why they're called adaptions.

There are more explanations tho. Either Jokers goons were planted there beforehand to observe (the cathedral would be the best spot)
Unless they had binoculars it would be very difficult to see clearly what was going on down on the streets from that great height. The shots in the movie when they showed the great height Joker was dangling from showed that. It would be easier, not to mention more time effective to be on a shorter building in case they were needed down below.

or simply quickly followed Joker in off camera
We'd have seen them after during that long climbing the stairs montage. Joker was alone. It was just him, Batman, and Vicki.

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