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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Here's my plan, considering if the series goes beyond 3 films, Sony makes a deal with Marvel, Garfield stays as Spidey (Since this plan will probably take over his whole career), and etc.

Nothing major, like deep plot details and such, just a plotting out and plan of how this will play out.

Summer 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man
Theme: Responsibility
- Takes place in Fall 2008. Senior year of high school.

Spring 2014
The Spectacular Spider-Man
- Full opening sequence after the title card
- Takes place in Spring 2009, several months after the first film. Senior year of high school. Hints placed around film placing it in this timeframe.
- Spidey fights Rhino in the beginning.
- Electro is also a villian.
- Spidey gets web wings. Can glide
- Introduce the Osborns
- Introduce MJ "Face it Tiger, you've hit the jackpot"
- Love triangle between Peter, Gwen, and MJ.
- Peter becomes intern at the Daily Bugle. JJJ is played by JK Simons again. Company focuses more on televisied News broadcasts and newspapers.
- Hints of broader MCU throughout movie.
- Graduation from high school.
- After Credits Scene: Norman "perfects" serum

Summer 2015
Web of Spider-Man
- Theme: Consequences
- Takes place in Fall 2009 in October.
- Spidey fights a villain in the beginning.
- Introduce Eddie Brock. Father knew and worked with Richard Parker and Curt Conners. Peter gets another intern job at Oscorp with Eddie and Gwen.
- Love triangle continues. Gwen is beginning to get the shaft.
- Norman takes the "Finish" serum. Changes into humanoid goblin like creature when angry. He also uses a glider. The serum is similar to the Super Solder Serum.
- Introduction of the Green Goblin and other villains.
- A more tragic battle at Midtown High
- Battle at the Brooklyn Bridge, Gwen Dies
- Goblin flees to Oscorp Tower and Spidey hangs on to glider, but gets cut off half way. Spidey swings north up 6th avenue to Oscorp Tower, similar to the scene in the first film, but with no assistance by cranes this time. Final battle takes place where it all started. It's almost dawn
- Truth about Peter's parents revealed. They were SHIELD agents sent to observe Oscorp's research into the cure for cancer and other diseases (Oscorp was really trying to recreate the Super Solder Serum).
- Peter's father, Richard Parker, ended up being passionate and involved in the research, since it showed lots of promise, despite it's bad intentions. He worked on projects with Curt Conners and Eddie Brock Sr, such as Project Venom, which involved a living cancer suit. Another was Cross Species Genetics, which Richard found the equation to. He had also done tests on Peter's DNA. He hid the equation knowing the danger of it being in Oscorp's hands.
- Norman Osborn sent an agent to the Parker house to loot his work, but to no success. Peter Parker stumbled into Richard's study finding that someone had got in through the door an looted the place. Richard finds out afterwards, then feared for his family's safety. He sent Peter to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Richard and Mary went on the run to try to get the information back to SHIELD. Norman had them killed in a plane crash along with Eddie Brock Senior.
- Peter is the only one who can become who he is after being bit by a genetically altered spider and not die or have bad side effects. Richard's tests on Peter's DNA allowed this.
- Goblin's identity revealed. Norman nailed by own glider.
- Peter and everyone mourns death of Gwen.
- SHIELD reveals their presence to Peter. Enter Coulson. Reveals they've known his identity for over a year, but kept their distance. Will help keep Normans death secret. They reveal the secret about his parents. Peter tells them what was really going on with Oscorp back then. Peter not eligible for Avenger Initiative, due to young age.
- Normans real death is unknown. Cover story is that he'll be on a very long retreat or has died from what ever illness he had.
- MJ helps Peter coupe with Gwen's death.
- During one of the last scenes, Peter finally confronts Uncle Ben's actual killer.
- Swing off to fight a villain
- Bitter sweet ending
- After Credits Scene: Symbiote at Oscorp

Now they're releasing a Spider-Man related film every year for the next 5 years from 2017-2022 (Poor Andrew Garfield (If there hasn't been a recast yet))

The Astonishing Spider-Man
Theme: Become the villain
- Takes place in Spring 2013. Makes it clear it has been 4 years since Gwen died, 2 years since the events of The Avengers, and 5 years Peter has been Spider-Man. He has fought several villains since then.
- Explains where Spidey was when the Hulk fought the Abomination in Harlem and during the battle of Manhattan in the Avengers.
- Peter is still haunted by Gwen's death and memory's of the Green Goblin.
- Relationship with MJ continues.
- Introduce Felicia Hardy as Black Cat and The Punisher.
- Reference how there was a vigilant called Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen who was big back in the 60s.
- Villians are Kraven, the Vulture played by John Malcovitch, and others.
- Peter finds video diaries Richard made during Project Venom.
- Peter obtains the symbiote. Black suit appears.
- Suit effects Peter negatively. Hurts the ones he loves.
- Peter gets rid of suit at the end.
- After Credits Scene: Eddie obtains the symbiote.

- Takes place in 2014.
- Anti-Hero
- Cameos by Peter here and there.
- The Punisher returns
- Appearances by SHIELD
- After Credits Scene: Flash forward to a scene at the end of the next film. Spidey's mask torned up in rubble.

The Sensational Spider-Man
- Takes place in 2015. It has been 4 years since the Chituari Invasion, 6 years since Gwen died, and 7 years since Peter became Spider-Man. He has fought many villains since then.
- Ben Reilly (Not a clone) or Miles Morales is introduced
- Villain is Venom and others. Threatens to reveal Spidey's identity. Manipulates and messes with him throughout the film.
- Spidey defeats Venom. He defeats Venom after a bloody battle. They team up at the end to fight some other villains from the film. Makes truce at the end to leave eachother alone.
- After Credits Scene: Villains like Vulture, Rhino, Doc Ock, and others that have appeared in the previous films gather and plan an alliance. A shadowy figure perways them.

Spring 2021
Ultimate Spider-Man
Theme: Closure
- Takes place in 2018. It has been 10 years since Peter became Spider-Man, 9 years since Gwen died, and 3 years since Venom.
- Sinister 6 are the villains
- Peter vows to be Spider-Man till the day he dies.
- Spidey becomes eligible for the Avengers at the end.
- After-Credits Scene: Norman Osborn is still alive and well in Europe.

The Avengers 4
- Takes place in 2021. Setting of time finally catches up with the main MCU. It has been 10 years since the Avengers first formed and 13 years since Peter became Spidey.
- Spidey is now part of the Avengers.

Distant Future
Civil War?
- An adaption of the Civil War storyline.
Dark Reign and Seige on Asgard?
- Tony Stark gets in trouble
- Norman Osborn becomes another Iron Patriot and forms the Dark Avengers.
- Siege on Asgard, viva portal above Oscorp Tower.
- Avengers reassemble
Death of Spider-Man?(Loosely based on Ultimate's Peter Parker demise in the comics)?
- Continuation of the Siege
- Some Avengers including Spidey are on the Queenboro Bridge. For some reason, the Punisher tries to shoot Captain America. Spidey Intervenes and gets shot. Rest of the Avengers, except Spidey, get blown off bridge.
- Spidey swings to Oscorp Tower bleeding to death down 6th avenue, similar to the first film, but with no cranes. It's near dusk
- Spidey tries to fight Sinister 6 guarding the tower, while others fight the Dark Avengers up in Asgard.
- Loki dies and is redeemed doing something. Thor avenges him
- Iron Man comes in at the last minute and disables Norman's Armor. Norman gets unmasked, madness is revealed, and turns into the Green Goblin, popping out off the armor.
- Spidey fights to the death.
- MJ finds out who Spidey is.
- Norman finally dies
- Death of Peter Parker
- Unlike in the comics, Asgard is saved.
- Oscorp Tower is destroyed. Collapses, blows up, or gets vaporized. Normans body is taken by SHIELD and cremated.
- Several months later, a new Spider-Man appears.

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