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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

Originally Posted by IronGirl299 View Post
He just, er, so happened to be captured.
It's kind of part of his plan; he wanted to end up in the Helicarrier so he could mess everybody around. Hawkeye breaking him out was essential to the entire scheme because he knew the attack would trigger the Hulk to come out, causing more hell...
That's what I understood anyway. You remember Fury's line 'Why do I get the feeling he's the only one who wants to be here?'
Originally Posted by Lei D Loki View Post
^I agree. Loki plans to mess up Fury's plans but he can't do that if he's not in the Helicarrier where SHIELD is currently operating.

Messing with people's heads was a big part of Loki's motivation for allowing them to capture him, but there was another factor. Loki knew that while he was in captivity all of the focus would e on him and not on Barton, Selvig and his other minions who were harnessing the Tesseract's power for the portal. Fury and the Avengers were searching for the Cube's energy signature, yes, but they spent the bulk of their time fretting over Loki's motives for being captured. When Loki started manipulating them, which may have been as early as the fight in the forest, he further distracted them from what should have been their real focus. By the time they were able to regroup, after the Helicarrier attack, Loki had already achieved his primary goal of having Selvig and the rogue scientists create the portal.

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