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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
Actually while we're on this tangent is there a Chekhov's Gun in Batman Begins? We got the flying gauntlet blades in The Dark Knight, and the autopilot in TDKR is only a semi-Chekhov's gun in my opinion since it is mentioned three or four times before saving the day, but is there an equivalent gadget or weapon in Batman Begins where it is only mentioned near the beginning, we forget about it, and only suddenly remember it when it then suddenly is the thing that Batman uses to gain victory at the very end?
The military grade water vaporizer that the LOS uses. But that's a major plot device.

alternatively, His final test with the LOS and being under the influence of the blue flower and then being hit by the scarecrow's toxin later on and realizing the connection.

I think that ultimately the trilogy does a great job of introducing the LOS in begins and ending it with the LOS in Rises

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