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Originally Posted by Lunar_Wolf View Post
I like him too, but I know Rock won't come back as the voice actor, also I kinda felt the death played a massive role that I want the character to stay dead.

Third episode was good. I love how evil Starscream really is.
Prime's Starscream is the equivalent to "Daffy Duck". Though I am a fan of Daffy Duck, I don't like my Transformers treated in a Loony Tunes fashion.

I mean come on....he's the Decepticon's second in command. Yet the writers give him no respect what so ever. It's almost like they're purposely insulting our intelligence. Even a 10 year old would question why Megatron who is of sound mind would allow this weak bumbling idiot in his ranks. Especially knowing that he'd stab him in the back at any opportunity.

At least in G1, Bayformers and Animated. He was somewhat a physical threat. In Prime he's simply comic relief for writers who obviously hate's him.

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