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Default Re: What Comic Book Characters NEED to be adapted?

-Harley Quinn (Must have in the next Batman reboot);
-Hush (I think he can work great as a secondary villain or a major twist villain);
-Aquaman (I'm really hungry for some underwater epicness).

-She-Hulk (I'd love to see her in the next Hulk movie);

-The Darkness - Jackie Estacado (I think he's perfect for some middle-budget R-rated movie);
-Fathom - Aspen Matthews (If Aquaman isn't good enough, then I choose this - underwater epicness with a hot chick in the lead role);
-Madman (really liked the comic book, but not sure how to translate it properly on the big screen);
-Skydoll - Noa (really liked the comic book, but I doubt it will adapted to the big scree, too provocative).

Pray for DC fans.

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