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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
you want plotholes? i'll give you plotholes!

- where does all of Batman's stuff come from: Batmobile,Batwing,Batsuit,etc. it's all just there. who made them? Alfred?! it'd be hard to kinda get someone to make a frigging BAT-SHAPED JET FIGHTER for you and still keep your identity quiet,you know? i mean, was Pakistan manufacturing those in the 80's or something?
Does it really need to be explained? They didn't go in depth on his training, do they have to tell the audience that Bruce is able to make this stuff with or without the help of someone like Fox?
- the Joker FRIGGING ANNOUNCES where he will be and when on live TV, and no cops bother to show up? not even Gordon??!!
Got me on this one. No wonder crime is so bad in Gotham.
- why isn't the Joker street pizza after a fall from that height?
- the whole armor on the Batmobile thing is completely ridiculous. i mean,in respect of where it comes from. don't even get me started on the magically appearing from thin air round bombs on the hubcaps.
See the first one.
- how do the Joker and his men survive entering the museum? you can clearly still see the poison gas still in there when they open the doors. it couldn't have disappeared THAT quickly!
Pretty sure it dispersed. If it didn't maybe Joker gave them something to make them immune.
now, i still love the movie. just saying this is the reason you shouldn't worry about such things and just try and enjoy the movie for what it is. cause if you overanalyze it,you'll find a lot wrong with almost every movie.
CConn, that first paragraph perfectly explains it.

I'm trying to explain it in bold.

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