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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
It fits only if that cameo leads to the defeat of thanos/the end of phase 2. HOWEVER, does what we are sayhing about thanos also fit in? It does. Its speculation, but to me, that's what it was.

I could write more, but honestly, I just finished a 5 hour jam session with some buddies, and it was awesome, and im just exhausted, love mi drums

and still, its still a bit different from what he said. To me, he wasn't saying the phase 3 threat will be introduced. Not a cameo. He said the events that will lead to the conclusion of phase 2, will lead to the conclusion of phase 3 as well. Can we atleast agree on that much? That phase 2 and phase 3 will be more related? Whatever marvel has planned for the conclusion of phase 2, what ever events that LEAD up to that conclusion, will ALSO lead up to the conclusion of phase 3. The events. So it probably won't be an appearance. Cause fiege said the events. And to me, that can be thanos, or it can be what you said. But given the fact that the interview was about thanos, I am inclined to think the first
No, we'll really and truly have to agree to disagree. I just do not read the same thing you do when Feige talks about the culmination of Phase II and III. The verbage *may* favor your theory, and it *may* favor my theory. We probably won't know for at least a couple of years. I just wish you guys would quit trying to act like your theories are facts, when they're no more solid than any of my theories.


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