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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

you want plotholes? i'll give you plotholes!

- where does all of Batman's stuff come from: Batmobile,Batwing,Batsuit,etc. it's all just there. who made them? Alfred?! it'd be hard to kinda get someone to make a frigging BAT-SHAPED JET FIGHTER for you and still keep your identity quiet,you know? i mean, was Pakistan manufacturing those in the 80's or something?
It really shouldn't take much, if any imagination, to see that since Bruce Wayne is wealthy, that's probably how he affords the toys he has. The point of the gadgets in BATMAN is that he has them, and that they're a bit varied and absurd.

- the Joker FRIGGING ANNOUNCES where he will be and when on live TV, and no cops bother to show up? not even Gordon??!!
Yeah, it's a bit of an oversight, but then, the cops weren't really the focal point of the film (or the scene). The Joker shows up, and within a matter of minutes, there is chaos everywhere. Its not outside the realm of possibility that there ARE cops in that chaotic crowd sequence, but what were they supposed to do? Shoot up streets full of civilians, against The Joker's men, who are armed? They ARE shown to respond pretty quickly after Batman disposes of the Joker's gas and the crowds have dispersed.

- why isn't the Joker street pizza after a fall from that height?
Because it's a PG-13 movie, and because sometimes people can fall from great heights and don't splatter all over the place.

- the whole armor on the Batmobile thing is completely ridiculous. i mean,in respect of where it comes from. don't even get me started on the magically appearing from thin air round bombs on the hubcaps.
It's supposed to be a bit ridiculous. It's scifi tech.

- how do the Joker and his men survive entering the museum? you can clearly still see the poison gas still in there when they open the doors. it couldn't have disappeared THAT quickly!
Seems the gas isn't concentrated enough to create an issue when they enter.

These aren't really plotholes.

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