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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
- the Joker FRIGGING ANNOUNCES where he will be and when on live TV, and no cops bother to show up? not even Gordon??!!
I think this is the only one that's explained in the film without actually explaining it. The regime of crime in Gotham and the corrupt police force (aside from Gordon) are a thread that runs throughout the film. I think that it's easy to deduce that the police either wouldn't really care, or the GCPD didn't have enough men for such a task... or the fact that the Joker had just been on his reign of terror with the Smilex in Gotham... so maybe they just said the hell with it, let the people fend for themselves? The evidence (if there is any) is that the only time you really see a solid police force assembled is at the very end of the movie with the bat-signal. I think that is just another indicator of how the police force was a "useless entity" up until the emergence of Batman.


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