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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
you want plotholes? i'll give you plotholes!

- where does all of Batman's stuff come from: Batmobile,Batwing,Batsuit,etc. it's all just there. who made them? Alfred?! it'd be hard to kinda get someone to make a frigging BAT-SHAPED JET FIGHTER for you and still keep your identity quiet,you know? i mean, was Pakistan manufacturing those in the 80's or something?
That is ridiculous. For decades it was explained in the comics that Batman himself simply made them and thats the same way in the comics. In Returns we can further see that he fixes batmobile himself

- the Joker FRIGGING ANNOUNCES where he will be and when on live TV, and no cops bother to show up? not even Gordon??!!
That is indeed tricky, but lets not forget he didnt say WHERE hes gonna be, otherwise people wouldve been lined up since the morning to get money, and cops would be there as well. While some disregard any official extra material, comic book adaptation shows few cops in the crowd who simply lay low cause theres no way they would handle all Jokers goons armed to the teeth with tommyguns and call for backup. Full mobilization of police force comes exactly 7 minutyes after the float first appears onscreen. Thats even faster than real life

- why isn't the Joker street pizza after a fall from that height?
Cause its a PG 13 movie from late 80s which already pushed the envelope more than most others at the time as far as graphic violence?

- the whole armor on the Batmobile thing is completely ridiculous. i mean,in respect of where it comes from. don't even get me started on the magically appearing from thin air round bombs on the hubcaps.
Its a comic book movie, and it looked great. You can sacrifice great designs or ideas for nitpickers who want everything to match real world and reality. That misses the point of movies, especially fantasy ones

- how do the Joker and his men survive entering the museum? you can clearly still see the poison gas still in there when they open the doors. it couldn't have disappeared THAT quickly!
As someone already said, it dispersed already to the point it wasnt deadly. People in the museum were completely immersed in the dense clouds of gas

now, i still love the movie. just saying this is the reason you shouldn't worry about such things and just try and enjoy the movie for what it is. cause if you overanalyze it,you'll find a lot wrong with almost every movie.

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