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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Re: Planet Hulk ideas
Originally Posted by Kiltman View Post
Obviously a direct adaptation won't work..Marvel isn't going to make him a villain who Stark and Co. send off from Earth. But if they say, have Thanos send him across the Galaxy using a Purple Gem attached to a certain gauntlet in Avengers fixes that quite easily. To me the Planet Hulk story isn't sacred so if they just use the setting and gist of the whole thing in a different take I'm fine with that and that's what they would need to do. Obviously that takes away a World War Hulk movie...but I can't imagine anyway that it works in the MCU anyway.
I like your thought there. Thanos using a jem to transport Hulk is a nice touch. It removes him from the battlefield in TA2 but then you'd need a reason to explain why not just use that on all the Avengers.

My Phase Three would actually be comprised of two tiers.

Phase Three: Tier One-Avengers
  1. Captain America 3 2016 summer: showcase Arnim Zolo cyborg foe,introduce Black Panther ties in with vibranium shield plot wise
  2. Thor 3winter 2016: introduce Beta Ray Bill fight Sutur
  3. Iron Man 4(yeah, RDJ new contract)May 2017: Fin Fang Foom introduce Dr.Strange
  4. Black Widow solo Fall 2017: introduce Daredevil, Coulson flashback somewhere, plot Russian mob setting up in NYC which SHIELD can't allow.
  5. Hulk 2 summer 2018: introduce She-Hulk and Leader as the antagonist
  6. Avengers 3May 2019: a defacto Ant-Man mini-sequel as Ultron is created becoming the foe and Black Panther assists in the story.
Phase Three: Tier Two-Marvel Knights
  1. Blade Fall 2016: origin film but done quickly ala TIH sequence
  2. Punisher March 2017: origin film done right finally
  3. Daredevil Feb 2018(15yr aniv of sorts) using casting from Black Widow film, expand origin fully
  4. Iron Fist Fall 2018: full on origin

Three films in each year 2016, 2017 and 2018.
With the lone Avengers 3 for 2019.

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