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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
Napier & Grissom and that whole "crime syndicate" were all in league with one another. The police force didn't have the power to topple them. That's why they brought in Harvey Dent in the first place... things were just starting to turn (hopefully) and then with Joker's emergence?
The Police didn't have the dirt on them to nail them. It wasn't about power. Harvey Dent was a D.A. not man power. Isn't that what Dent's approach was about, targeting the businesses suspected for fronting for Grissom. Napier said to Grissom Dent was sniffing around their front companies. That's why he was panicking about the Axis connection. "If he ties us in with Axis Chemicals we're dead and buried. We should move immediately". Getting the evidence to nail them.

Maybe the National Guard doesn't exist in the DCU?
I don't see why it wouldn't.

Maybe Gordon and the powers that be were going to let Batman deal with the Joker, and they cleared the streets accordingly?
But the streets were not cleared. It was teeming with people. Since the Police showed up after the event (typical movie cliche of the Cops showing up late), they were obviously not leaving it for Batman to handle. Which would be rather stupid anyway since Batman had not won their favor by this point. They were still dubious about him.

Maybe I'm making excuses for plot holes, but you have to resign to the fact that they are there, and while there are ways of explaining them, the world in that film is not the same world we live in. It's a movie about a fictional place, so give it a little leeway eh?
Just because it's in a fictional world doesn't mean that all logic ceases. If we're in a world where a D.A. can nail the crime, where corrupt Cops can exist, then the Mayor, Police Commissioner, and the crime tackling D.A. taking steps to nail the biggest threat to the City after he's publicly handed himself to them on a plate is not an unreasonable expectation. The press managed to be there to snap photos. The Police should have been there, too, waiting for Joker.

The movie has plot holes. That's just one of them.

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