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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
The Mayor said it at the beginning of the film. "Our streets are overrun, our public officials are helpless, etc.." I'm talking about man-power here. Maybe they simply didn't have the men. I don't know.
The streets being overrun and the public officials being helpless, and he said the source of that was Grissom, the crime lord they could not touch because they had no dirt on him. He was like Carmine Falcone in Burton's Batman. It wasn't about Police man power, they had plenty of Cops, they just can't arrest anyone unless they have the dirt on them. That's what Dent was trying to do targeting their business and sniffing around their front companies etc.

I think the state of the police force is made clear through the actions of someone like Eckhart... remember what he said? Shoot to kill, know what I mean? And nobody batted an eye. I think the film tried to at least make some effort to show you the police force was not a force of "good."
Eckhart was obviously known to be a suspected corrupt Cop since Gordon was less than pleased when he was told Eckhart was in charge of the Axis raid, and said to him "I'm in charge here not Carl Grissom" when he confronted him at the Axis raid. Then he instructed the other Cops to not open fire on Napier because he obviously knew what Eckhart had told them to do.

But I think you're not going to accept that these could be valid points and/or possibilities as to why they acted (or didn't) act towards the end of the film. And that's all good and fine too. I hope it doesn't detract from your enjoyment of the movie. At this point I'm picking it apart far too much, even for myself.
I do enjoy it immensely, plot holes and all. I just don't disregard the flaws of the movie as though they don't exist. It's no secret there was script problems and re-writes with this movie, some even Sam Hamm himself doesn't approve of.

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