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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
People made this argument to justify predicting Avengers WW gross at roughly Iron Man 2 levels. Avengers made nearly $900 M more than Iron Man did. I think after Avengers, that argument is out the window.
That's a good point, but that sharpens the problem, not that there won't be some improvement, but that agreeing on what that improvement would be is impossible. Sony would be inclined, business-wise, to feel that Avengers would increase another 900M and ask for money based on that. Disney may feel that much of the increase came from being an 'event' movie and having the uniqe 'superheroes come together' marketing, and that Spider-Man won't add more than 100M to their box office. How much money is Disney willing to wager that Avengers success is attributed to 'these heroes coming together' vs 'heroes coming together.' 400M? 500? There's no agreement there.

One might think that IM3, Cap2 and Thor2's box offices will prove that post-Avengers heroes get a big box office push, but how do we, or Disney, know that's not mostly because those movies are just better movies. It's not enough to know there's improvement, without specificity, no deal can be made.

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