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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Why did Bane want to fulfill Ra's destiny? Ra's hated him and kicked him out of the LOS. Who would want to complete the work of someone like that? It's never elaborated on, but is strongly hinted he's just doing it because Talia wants it.
He didn't hate him from what I could gather, but rather just couldn't accept him as he was a constant reminder of what happened to his wife.

As for the original thread subject matter. TDK is probably the better and more admired film of the trilogy, but BB is the best to me. Without Begins we'd probably have never gotten TDK, but then again without B&R we'd probably not have gotten BB, lol.

The best things to come out of TDKR were Hardy and Hathaway's performances, imo.

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