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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?


I do wanna see D-Man just so he can be hated, y'know?

My thoughts on that pic:
She-Hulk - Would like to see
Hercules - Rather not see
Black Widow - Check
Hawkeye - Check
Scarlet Witch - Would like to see in some capacity
Crystal - Sure, why not
Quicksilver - Would like to see
Rick Jones? - Need to see
Namor - Why not, indifferent
Black Panther - I had better see!
Moondragon - Rather not see
Vision - Would like to see
Photon - Would like to see
Darkhawk? - Rather not see
Beast - Love to see, but not possible
Falcon - Check
(a lot of people I don't know)
Tigra - Rather not see
Quasar - Rather not see (prefer Nova/Captain Marvel)
Starfox - Better not see
Black Knight - Rather not see
Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman - Rather not see
Justice - Indifferent
Firestar - Might like to see
Spidey - Might like to see

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