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Default Re: Gordon: "Five people dead two of them cops"

Another theory is he thought Ramirez was dead at that point, whereas she was just unconscious and therefore missing. Dent was referring to Wuertz and Ramirez both as Gordon's "deal with the devil", thus Gordon probably assumed he had killed them both.

So Maroni's bodyguard, Maroni's driver, and Maroni, added to Wuertz and Ramirez for the two cops, solves the equation. If Ramirez actually died from getting pistol whipped it might explain the newspaper article.

I dunno. I guess it's a plot hole, really. Maybe there was a scene in the script that explained it, but I've read the script a couple of times and I can't remember anything that would solve this mystery, unlike the mystery of what happened after Batman jumped out the Penthouse window after Rache, for instance, which IS covered in the script, but not actually in the movie. This doesn't seem to be explained in the script.

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