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Default Re: Gordon: "Five people dead two of them cops"

Originally Posted by Spiderine View Post
Why would Commissioner Gordon know that he killed Maroni, the bodyguard, and his driver in the first place with all the chaos going on with Joker? Can somebody explain that? He says that right after Dent falls to his death. No one would have known what happened immediately to Maroni, especially Gordon.

Maybe I missed something here.
I've always thought that he must have heard that Maroni and his driver were involved in a car crash and the driver had been shot. Considering Maroni was the biggest crime boss in Gotham at the time it makes sense for that kind of news to make its way to Gordon even if it was in a very short period of time. It's the same with Wuertz and Ramirez (or whoever was the second cop), Gordon would have been told by someone that Wuertz had been killed and that Ramirez had gone missing. Considering Dent had a vendetta against those particular cops and Maroni it would be easy to surmise that he killed them.

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