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Default Five things you DON'T want in 'The Wolverine'

Hi guys, what sort of thing do you not want in 'The Wolverine'?

1. Too many characters. To be honest I don't want to see any of the X-men in this except Charles at the start having a conversation with Wolverine, explaining his mental state and where he's at at the films beginning (This would be great for Patrick Stewart's return which he's kind of been hinting at lately)

2. Mariko to just be an Asian Jean Grey

3. Too many comedy moments. Some are fine if they add to the character but no slapstick

4. Not too many attempts to dodge the violence. Wolverine unsheathes his claws...approaches an enemy and... cuts the lights with his hand. Not clever. Also, don't be one of those films where the Japanese characters speak perfect English in private dialogue. Embrace the language barrier

5. Hugh Jackman to shout "NOOOOOOOO" while looking up at the sky. He does it alot and hopefully he and the director can think of a more powerful way to show emotion.


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