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Default Five things you want to see in 'The Wolverine'

1. Ever since Jackman said there's a chance of it, I really want to see the R18+ version. If it's as good as Kill Bill and not just guts and horror I would be amazed!

2. The tragic ending done right

3. Yimou Zhang style action scenes. I know Yimou is Chinese not Japanese but I really want to see that same style of dynamic colouring and beauty.

4. If possible, I would love to see the gold and tan suit but it's not a deal breaker. Alot of the villian photos we've seen lately are deliciously colourful so I reckon the Wolverine outfit wouldn't look too far out of context.

5. Hopefully a bit of modern Japan chucked in, since some n00bs seem to still think this is set in Feudal Japan.

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