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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I hope with this film that Marvel and Whedon hire some expert folks who know on how to choreograph great action sequences. Aside from Natasha's fight with Hawkeye, Loki's assault on SHIELD upon his arrival, I found the rest of the action in the Avengers to be standard at times.

For example; you have two powerful individuals like Thor and Loki, and yet their fight with each other on top of Stark Tower was anything but epic. If you were to show those two to a group of people who had no idea on what they could do power wise, you wouldn't really know that those two were physically more powerful than most of the Avengers.

And the gun fight with Fury and Hill against the fake SHIELD agents on board the hellcarrier was just really sad. It was basic shots of them shooting at the henchmen, I mean a film student could have filmed that part.

I really feel like that they need to up the action scenes when it comes to intensity as well. Hell, for all of the bad and crappy things that Bay has done in his film, that guy at least knows on how to film a great action sequence; I wish we could have those types of intense action sequences in the Avenger films.

And for the love of god, I hope that for this film, we actually have a scene where the entire group the opposing enemy together instead of them just separating across the area and only getting one shot of them assembling and a long pan shot of them in either pairs or alone across the area.
Definitely need one scene of them all fighting together. Plus they need to be in a lot more danger. Now that they've got a (very) successful intro film out of the way hopefully they can be more adventurous on all the fronts you mentioned.

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