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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1


Ok, this is going to get a little wonky. We’ve been covering a few shortlists for Captain America 2’s female lead. The assumption on behalf of comics fans is that we’re looking for Agent 13, AKA Sharon Carter, the niece of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’s Peggy Carter.

The list is Palmer, Poots, Clarke, Brown-Findley and Alison Brie. It’s CONFIRMED that marvel is looking for a character in her 20s with ‘an accent.’ Palmer, Poots, Clarke and Brown-Findley if requested for a screen test will do so with their native accents, Alison Brie will screen test with her British accent (oh, Alison Brie’s British accent and the Inspector Spacetime gag reel outtakes on Community’s Season 3 DVD…). Since the deleted ‘Avengers’ Cap scenes revealed that Peggy was alive and well in the UK, this is consistent with Sharon Carter.

BUT, I have to blow your mind a bit here. List and screen test details aside, the person Marvel has the most traction with right now hasn’t been on any shortlist, because it’s MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD.

Seems like it could be her part for the taking if they are holding off on screen testing the list we all blogged about.


I’m going to assume that with Anthony Mackey possibly bringing The Falcon to ‘Cap 2,’ Black Widow showing up and Bucky returning as The Winter Soldier that the two “very physical” male parts Marvel is looking to cast are our villains. Then again, if we’re looking at a globe hopping SHIELD adventure, who am I to say that one of these isn’t the new Coulson or whathaveyou?

What we do know is there are two male roles up for grabs. One is an American character and the other is a foreign character, both roles – we cannot stress enough – are physical.

Looks like Marvel likes the idea of pulling from the Game of Thrones wheelhouse (Alan Talor on ‘Thor 2′) because a name shortlisted for one of these parts is Nikolaj Coster Waldau. Nicolaj is up against his Lost counterpart Josh Holloway. Unless this report screws it for them, expect both to be screen tested.

Also on the list, but more clinging to edge of it from the sound of things is Kevin Durand, who makes a great bad guy (and was the focus of the single surprising moment in ‘Cosmopolis’…and also from ‘Lost’ now that I think about it).

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