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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Here it is...

as well as the Hulk/Loki one...

Those are damn cool.

Joss did talk about that Loki scene in the commentary when Bruce said you can smell crazy on Loki. I think he said it was definitely a budget issue why it was cut.

I'd guess they trimmed the Cap fight for the same reason. They spent money wisely from what I've seen but they had to keep it under control I would guess.
Wow, awesome pre-viz's, really wish the forest fight had played out exactly as the pre-viz, seeing Cap get more involved in the fight and I like how at the end of the fight Thor is really man handling IM, showing that though IM got a lot of hits in the fight Thor was holding back until he got pissed off.

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